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Since over 15 years, the revolutionary products we’ve created for fortune 500 brands have demonstrated our unique ability to see what others cannot.

Mobile Development

Someone really smart once said “design is just a dream without careful execution”. We agree with this statement and, thus, rely on our technical skills to deliver solid mobile products. Our development and design teams work hand-in-hand to implement bold ideas in the most precise and reliable way.

And did we mention on-budget, too?

Web & API Development

Our web development processes fit perfectly with high demand web applications and mobile technologies to ensure you get highly customized functionality. We develop primarily in open object programming and utilize many MVC (model view controller) frameworks that can be used for rapid app deployment.

Prioritized results, High ROI!


Our Design team takes pride in developing great application experiences. Whenever one of our Designers stops taking pride in his work, we give him a hug, buy him a drink and send him to a day spa. All kidding aside, we're really only satisfied when your users experience the utility of our apps through a beautiful experience.

The voice of the people is what matters; it fuels our creativity.

Cloud Computing

Decentralising business data into the cloud and being able to work on the go is nowadays crucial for efficiency, doing this in a secure and wise way is a serious matter though. Our Cloud Computing team carefully assesses your needs and selects the most appropriate platform for your products and processes.

We help you clearing up the sky of all the clouds!

CRE8IT at a Glance

We take great pride at everything we do, your satisfaction stands above everything

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Your Idea First
Our Expertise Next

All our customers contact us with an idea in mind, either be to improve their business processes or to better engage with their future / current customers. The idea alone is a good start in recognising that there is a constant room for improvement in the way to make business.

The sole idea isn't enough though to bring a concept successfully to life. It requires a myriad of subject-matter-experts from all different kind of business fields (e.g. Marketing, Technology) to make an idea evolve to a so called "Ready for Market" product.

We have developed a very proprietary and successful iterative requirement analysis process in order to make your idea come to life and strive as a product, which your users will be loving to use on a daily basis.

We help you bring your idea into shape and form, from the very beginning and throughout the whole application lifecycle. Either be a Mobile App supported by a Web Application and Interfaces, or just a stand alone application.

Our development teams know which technology is best for your products, we know and master them all (e.g. iOS, Android, Windows, PHP, Java, .NET, C#, Python, Ruby)

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Swiss Quality

We strive to create amazing products and live up to our country of residence's great reputation


Our team has all together more than 200 years experience in digital technologies. All that, right at your fingertips

Customer Base

Being creative and steadily delivering quality products has given us the chance to work for the greatest Fortune 500 companies in the world


Some of our products belong to the most awarded applications on the market, we strive to make yours even better than that

State Of The Art

Technology moves fast, we make sure to keep our teams constantly up to date in order to deliver the best and state of the art products


Times and trends change rapidly, we understand that our products must evolve and thus build them to meet tomorrow's requirements

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Iterative Approach
6 Steps to Success

Coming from an idea to a "Ready for Market" product can be a tedious but eventually rewarding way to go. We have learned a lot while working for different customers in different countries and have clearly identified all mistakes one can do during such a venture.

Our product development process has proven to have become very successful, we aim to keep it as simple as possible but make sure not to loose focus on the target: Create a successful and amazing product!

10% Complete
30% Complete
70% Complete
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70% Complete
90% Complete


A customer talking about their experience with you is worth ten times that which you write or say about yourself


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